Help us Pave the Way to the Truckee Pickleball Complex!

Help us raise the money to build 17 courts at Truckee’s River View Sports Park. The courts will be public, for all ages and abilities. In addition to drop-in play, the complex will offer clinics, socials, and tournaments to bring the Tahoe community together with this fun, healthy, and oh-so-popular sport.

We have several pavers to choose from: $350 bricks, to be installed throughout the walkways at the courts. Larger, $500 premier pavers, which will be installed at the concrete tiered seat walls, and supreme, $1,000 pavers, which will be around the stadium court.

You can craft your own message on your paver, which will be permanently displayed at the site for generations to come. Premier and supreme pavers can feature business logos.

Buy your brick today!

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$1,000 - 12” X 12” Paver
  • Installed at The Championship Court
  • Engraved logo or image is possible
$500 - 8” X 8” Paver
  • Installed by seat walls
  • Logo possible
$350 - 4” X 8” Paver
  • Installed throughout brick walkway
  • Text engraving only